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Omaha Beach - 11 picture(s)
The stretch of coast coded Omaha is a sandy beach located between Vierville sur Mer to the west and Colleville sur Mer to the east.
This beach was the location of the assault of the American 1st Infantry Division and 29th Infantry Division.
Normandy cemetery - 23 picture(s)
Normandy American Cemetery (Colleville sur Mer)
The graves area contains ten grave plots, five on each side of the main mall. Interred within them are the remains of 9,387servicemen and women. Three hundred and seven of which are Unknowns.
The Garden of the Missing is located behind the memorial structure. Its semi circular wall, contains the names ans particulars engraved on stone tables of the 1,557 Missing in the region who gave their lives in the service of their country but whose remains have not been recovered or positively identified.
Brittany cemetery - 12 picture(s)
Brittany American Cemetery (Saint-James)
The graves area contains the remains of 4,410 American military Dead who lost their lives in the area of North western France.
The tablets of the missing, emanating from the gently curved walls of the terrace are inscribed the name, rank, organization, and State of 498 of our Missing.
Pointe du Hoc - 12 picture(s)
While the main assault was taking place on Omaha Beach, Companies D, E and F of the 2nd Rangers Battalion were engaged in a solitary action, 5 kms to the west.
Under Lt.Col. James E. Rudder, the 225 Rangers had a very special mission to accomplish at the Pointe du Hoc.
Gold Beach - 5 picture(s)
Gold is the codename for the center beach of the invasion area. It is 8km long and located between the villages of La Rivière to the west and Le Hamel to the east. Landing on this beach is the task of the 50th "Northumbrian" Infantry Division.
Miscellaneous - 6 picture(s)
Various photographs taken in Normandy