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Vacation in August
Added on 08-02-2006 - Author : patelie

Please notice that I will be in vacation between 07 and 28 August. I you place an order between these dates you will receive the photograph only after 28 August.


Miscellaneous gallery
Added on 06-23-2006 - Author : patelie
Opening of a new gallery with various photographs taken in Normandy. Without precise location or the possibility to place them in one of the other galleries, these photographs will be placed in the new gallery
Snow in Normandy
Added on 12-29-2005 - Author : patelie

This is Snowtime in Normandy !! And the great moment to take rare pictures. Look at the first five taken at the American Cemetery.

Gallery : Normandy Cemetery 

First galleries
Added on 09-15-2005 - Author : patelie

The first galleries dedicated to Omaha Beach, Pointe du Hoc, the Normandy cemetery and the Brittany cemetery are on line.

New photographs and new galleries will be added in the future once they will be taken.

Opening of the website
Added on 09-14-2005 - Author : patelie

First day on the web for the site "An Eye in Normandy"

Devoted to the photography of the area of the landings on June 6, 1944.  It will make possible, for those which never came or never could return, to see what these historical places became.

The photographs presented on the site are only reductions of the original numerical files.  Those are of a resolution of 6,3 Megapixels for a size of 3072 x 2048 pixels.

All the help for the translation in English or correction of the translation is welcome.